At www.selectbullies.com we receive many questions with regard to exercise.  Many people are very confused with all the conflicting information floating around on this topic.  Numerous canine exercise theories and programs do exist.  We do believe that exercise is very important for your blue pitbull terrier, however it must be done right.  We apply the same concepts with our dogs as people do with their kids.  Most people would not recommend that a 10 year old child run marathons and lift heavy weights.  They are just kids and still growing is what most people would say, so why would you do that with your puppy.  In our opinion a dog should never be put on any type of workout routine until they are done growing.  Over exercising can have very harmful consequences for your canine, including death.  This article will try to explain the proper way to exercise your dog.  

We do not put our dogs on any sort of exercise regiman until they reach 3 years old and recommend that you do the same.  A blue pitbull puppy  purchased at select bullies is considered a large breed dog and will continue to grow until they reach 3 years old.  These dogs grow very rapid and have ever changing joints, bones, and cartilage.  They are very prone to injury during this stage.  Any damage that occurs during this stage can stay with the dog forever.  It is very important to not put any extra strain on the dogs skeletal system by exercising them at a young age.  Your puppy should be walked in a controlled maner for exercise.  A puppy must be monitored while it is playing and should not be allowed to do anything that would cause excess strain.

Bully breeds are more prone to heat stroke and heat exhaustion than a standard dog.  Humans stay cool by sweating, but it is much harder for dogs to sweat.  Dogs breath in their nose and out their mouth in order to stay cool.  They must rely on panting to cool their bodies down.  Breeds that have short muzzles and large blocky heads must work even harder in order to take in oxygen.  The additional work produces more heat in the dogs body.  This extra heat makes it harder for a bully dog to stay cool and more prevalent for a heat stroke.  Especially in the summer months or in climates that tend to stay warm year round, blue pitbulls should only be exercised in the early morning and late evening.  As a responsible owner you should always bring an extra gallon of cold water with you.  This can be the difference between life and death for your bully in the event of a heat stroke. 

This article is by no means intended to take the place of advice that is given by a licensed veterinarian.

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Select Bullies is a professional kennel that specializing in breeding blue pitbull terriers.  We do have breedings that produce other colors, but we mainly breed and produce blue pitbulls.  We have clients from around the world.  Grooming is a topic that keeps getting mentioned to us from our clients.  Most people are unaware of the grooming procedure for this breed.  In this blog we will try to explain some of the basic grooming techniques that have worked for us over the years.

A pitbull in general has a short coat that does not require much care, but it still needs attention.  At www.selectbullies.com we take great pride in how our dogs look and start grooming them at 10weeks of age.  In our experience this seems to be a good age to start them on the process.  In the beginning we just touch their feet with our hands a couple of times per week.  We also touch them on the back with the brush, that we intend to groom them with.  This process will continue for 3 to 4 weeks depending on how well the puppy is adjusting.  During this time we are not grooming, just getting the puppy used to the process.

Once the puppy is ok with having its feet and backed touched we begin the grooming process.  At our kennel we found this age to be between 17-21 weeks.  In the beginning we only brush them once a week.  In another month we increase the brushing to twice a week and continue that for the rest of the dogs life.  We have found that brushing twice a week is sufficent for a healthy blue pitbull puppy.

The other part of our standard grooming process is trimming the toenails.  Most dogs need there nails trimmed about once every two weeks.  The more time your pitbull spends on cement the less often its nails will need to be trimmed.  Hard and rough surfaces have a tendency to keep a dogs nails filed down.  In general if you can hear your dogs nails hitting the floor while walking, then it is time for them to get trimmed.  Trimming a dogs toenails can be more difficult than it sounds.  Nails that are cut too short can lead to more serious problems if left unattended.  Nails cut too short will bleed and could become infected.  An infected nail can lead to lameness and great pain for your blue bully.  When it comes to trimming the dogs nails, we advise getting them trimmed by a licensed groomer or veterinarian. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Select Bullies at www.selectbullies.com and we will be glad to help you.

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The first thing that must be discussed is that Select Bullies is a professional kennel and never does a breeding just to get pitbull puppies.  We only do a breeding when we honestly think that they will improve the breed.  Every dog can use improvement in some way and if you do not believe that then you should not be breeding.  Breeding dogs is not easy, cheap, glamorous, or profitable.  It is filled with many emotional let downs and requires a lot of work, money, patience, persistent, and knowledge.  So please do not go out after reading this and get 2 dogs and start breeding.  There are already too many people that think breeding dogs is just putting 2 dogs together and hoping for the best.  These people are called back yard breeders or puppy mills.  Select Bullies does not and will not support back yard breeders or puppy mills.  In our opinion they are one of the main reasons for the destruction of this wonderful breed.

Select Bullies has been approached with this exact stud question many times, so we decided to write a blog about it.  Through out the years of breeding blue pitbull terriers  we have used many different pitbull studs.  In the beginning we bred to our stock and only used dogs in our program.  We never bred outside of our kennel for around 4 years.  As we progressed as a pitbull kennel and became more knowledgeable on breeding, we realized sometimes it is necessary to stud to other kennels males. 

These are some things that we look for in a stud.  The stud most have a very strong and distinct look that sets him apart from other dogs.  The stud must be mentally and physically sound.  The look is important, but the producing ability is even more important.  Select Bullies is constantly evolving and not trying to produce your average blue pitbull terrier.  He must also be bred to produce and throw a consistent look.  His offspring should all look related.  The whole reason to use that stud is to get a certain trait that your female is lacking, so he better be passing that trait on to his offspring consistently.  If you breed to a certain stud known for producing big square heads and 2 finger muzzles, then his offspring better have that look.  The stud owner should be able to show you evidence of what the stud is doing.  If you are breeding to improve the heads and your chosen stud is throwing weak heads, then you better pick a different stud.  Many people claim to have a stud, but to have a consistent producing stud is rare.  The problem is most people have no clue what they are doing and do not know either way.

The best way we can explain this is go to www.selectbullies.com and go to the produced page.  Every stud that we advertise has its own section on that page.  The page shows the customer the look that our studs are producing.  It also shows that they are producing a consistent look.  The studs on this page have been confirmed to be mentally and physically sound.   After we look over your female, we will advise you of what stud to use.  Select Bullies will also explain why we feel that way.  If you as the owner wants to use a different stud, then we would ask that you explain why.  We want to see what you are thinking as a breeder and maybe we overlooked something.  We might have a different style or vision than you, which is fine.  Select Bullies will never stud a male just to make money.

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Before we get started with this blog please be advised that many kennels advertise that they can and will ship Worldwide.  The problem is that most of them just want you to send them money and then they will end up telling you that it is to difficult.  Most kennels have never done it and when they realize what is involved will call it quits, before they even get started.  At www.selectbullies.com we are professional breeders that have been breeding and shipping blue pitbull puppies  for years.  We will get you your puppy regardless of where you live.  No place is too far or remote for Select Bullies.

The American Pitbull Terrier is becoming one of the most recognized breeds in the world.  People are starting to realize that this is an awesome breed and very loyal pet.  We believe that there are many reasons that they are becoming so popular.  In our opinion Blue Pitbulls have one of the best personalities and adapt very well to many different living arrangements.  They do fine on a ranch in the country or in a downtown apartment.  They also require very little grooming.  A Select Bullies bred puppy rarely needs to visit the vet, except for routine vaccines and check ups.  Compared to many other breeds they what we call low maintenance.

With the Worldwide popularity of the Pitbull growing by leaps and bounds my partner and I receive numerous calls, emails, and texts from around the globe.  We have always shipped worldwide, but we have been doing more and more lately.  In the next couple paragraphs we are going to explain the basics steps you must take to ship a blue pitbull puppy international.  This is just a guide and is by no means supposed to take the place of your veterinarian, consulate, or anyone else for that matter.  We are just sharing what we know about this subject.

The first step is to bring the puppy to the veterinarian for a international microchip and rabies shot.  The microchip must be implanted first or on the same day as the rabies shot.  Be advised that if the rabies shot is given before the microchip then it will not be accepted by Italy.  Most veterinarians will not administer a rabies vaccine until the pitbull reaches 16  weeks of age.  Once you have the microchip and rabies vaccine in that order you must wait 21 days.  The reason for this is they want to make sure that the puppy does not react to the vaccine. 

At Select Bullies we will get the blue pitbull puppy  their ears cropped during the 21 day waiting period if the client  wishes to have it done.  Once 21 days have passed you need to book a flight from the airlines for your puppy.  Most airlines require 72hours advanced notice when shipping international.  They also like the puppy to go direct from cargo to cargo.  What I mean by this is that most airlines will only allow the dog to be shipped direct to Italy without stopping.  As the shipper this means you will have to take the puppy to a large international cargo airport.  Examples of this would be JFK in New York or Atlanta in Georgia.

The flight is booked and now you must bring the puppy back to your veterinarian to fill out an international health certificate and a European Union health certificate.  The European Union health certificate is also called a bilingual health certificate.  When those are both filled out by your veterinarian you can then set up an appointment with the USDA Veterinarian.  They must sign and stamp both health certificates in order for your pitbull to be excepted by Italian customs. 

This is just the very basics when it comes to shipping your dog to Italy.  This is a very complicated and time consuming process and should not be attempted by beginners.  Many things can and do go wrong when shipping international.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to go to our website at www.selectbullies.com and go to the contact us page.  We will be happy to try and help anyway that we can.

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The American Pitbull Terrier has been around since the 1800′s and has become one of the most loyal breeds ever created.  Breeders were never concerned back in the day about the look of the dog.  Breedings were put together strictly based on past performances of the dogs.  The bone, head, rear, and substance were the last thing that they would take into account when doing a breeding.  They wanted to create a machine and that is exactly what they did.  An animal that would never  give up and complete any task that it was trained to do.  This created a dog that is willing to die for its master.  The honor, courage, and loyalty of this breed has been both a blessing and a curse. 

Many breeders are breeding the same way today and producing great game dogs.  A game dog is a dog that is breed for gameness.  Gameness is the willingness to please and continue a task regardless of how much pain or tired they are.  Most breeders of game dogs today do not put much emphasis on the actual look that they are putting out.  We at www.selectbullies.com respect all dogs especially bully breeds, but we do not breed for gameness.  The unique look that selectbullies produces is what makes us different from other kennels.

Breeding dogs is more than just putting two dogs together and hoping for the best.  Someone who does this is called a backyard breeder and is the main reason that the American Pitbull Terrier is so overpopulated.  Selectbullies only has a few breedings every year and never does a breeding just to have puppies.  Every breeding is planned and well thought out.  We only do a breeding when we think that the dogs will compliment each from every aspect.  The temperament, structure, size, balance, and movement is looked at in both animals.  Our blue nose pitbull puppies do not look the way they do by accident.  In our opinion no dog is 100 percent perfect so there is always room for improvement.  What one dog lacks we bring up with the other dog.  This is basis of any good animal breeding program.  

Our foundation was laid years ago and we continue to strive for improvement.  In our opinion no dog is perfect and can be better.  With every breeding we are creating what we see in our eyes as the perfect dog.  Our perfect dog is short, thick, big boned, compact, healthy with a stable temperament.  We want you to get a bully that looks phenomenal and also gets along with other dogs.  Selectbullies are producing dogs that stand out in a crowd.  We guarantee that your new blue pitbull puppy will not look like your neighbors pup, that he  just got for 200 dollars in the local paper.    We will deliver you an amazing looking dog that can hang out at the park, beach, dog show, on a boat, or just chill out it in the house. 

We receive alot of emails and calls for blue nose pitbull puppies for sale.  One of the first questions we get is what bloodline is the puppy.  Selectbullies does not just focus on one bloodline.  The main lines that we use in our program are Razors Edge, Gotti, and Mikeland.  These are the foundation lines that have created our dogs.  We believe that these lines are the best bully blue pitbull bloodlines in the world.  We are always  looking for different lines that carry the traits that separate selectbullies from other kennels.  If you have any questions about our breeding program, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are very proud and passionate about this breed and would love to talk to you.

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The main reason we are writing this post is because selectbullies has had numerous emails and phone calls about the process of shipping a dog.  Many people have the perception that shipping a dog is simple and problem free.  We have found out through  our years of breeding that this is rarely the case.  This is why it is very important to purchase your blue nose pitbull puppy from a professional breeder that has shipping experience.  Selectbullies has been breeding for years and has shipped dogs all over the world.  Many of them have been shipped to exotic and remote locations.  Whether your new bully needs to go through the air, land, or sea we can get it to you.  This post is going to give you the basics of shipping a dog.

The most important thing to consider when shipping an animal is the health.  Moving an animal from one place to another is extremely stressful on the animal.  If the dog is not of stable health and mind it could end up dying along the way.  When you call selectbullies and see if we have any blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, you can be assured that we will always ship you a healthy dog. 

The first thing you need to do when shipping a pitbull is to figure out where you are trying to send it.  Are you going to send it through the air, on land, or through the water.  Regardless of how you end up sending it the rules are very similar.  We will outline the rules for most of your major airlines for you, because more than likely it will get shipped through the air.  In the past couple of years airlines are getting more and more strict with the shipment of live animals.  They seem to really be looking hard at the shipment of stub nosed breeds.  When you are trying to ship a pitbull with the airlines you already have some strikes against you.  It is no secret that these wonderful animals have a bad rap in the media, so more than likely  the airline has bought into the hype.  Many airlines will not ship any dog that resembles a bully if it is over 20 pounds.  Another huge limiting factor in shipping a bully is the temperature.  Most airlines require that the temperature on all legs of the flight be under 75 degrees for all bully breeds and under 85 for all other dogs.  For example, if you ship a pitbull from Florida to New York, but the flight touches down in North Carolina for fuel, then it must be under 75 degrees throughout the flight.  These restrictions can make it extremely difficult to ship to or from the South in the summer months.  Once again another reason why it is very important when you are searching for blue nose pitbull puppies that you only deal with professional breeders.  Someone who has shipped numerous dogs and also has ground shippers on stand by if the temperature is too hot for air shipment. 

The second thing when shipping a dog whether its going within the United Sates or International is the veterinarian.  It helps out greatly if you have a veterinarian that is familiar with your dogs and also the process of shipping a dog.  He or she will know what to look for to make sure your blue pitbull puppy is in good health.  Once the veterinarian has examined your puppy he or she must fill out a health certificate.  The law requires one for shipping within the United States and another for international.  The  health certificate from a certified veterinarian must be issued within ten days of the dog being shipped.  The veterinarian will make sure the animal is up to date on its vaccines and wormings.  The certificate will also require a rabies shot if the puppy is over four months old.  This is standard practice regardless of how it gets shipped. 

The next step will be to find a plastic carrier.  They can be purchased at any major pet supply store.  The carrier must be approved by the FAA for shipment of live animals.  It must be large enough for the canine to stand up and turn around while not hitting its head on the roof.  You do not want to get the crate to large because you do not want the dog bouncing from side to side.  The carrier must also have an attachment that holds food and water.  Some models include this while others require you to purchase it separately.  It is a good idea to check with the store to make sure you have all the necessary pieces for the carrier.

Once we have completed those necessary steps, selectbullies begins to prepare your puppy for travel.  A dog under 4 months will get feed 6 hours prior to flight and watered 1.5 hours prior.  Selectbullies gives its own health inspection as well as a bath on all animals leaving our kennel.  Our kennel will never knowingly send a sick animal.  The health of our puppies is a number one priority.

We hope that we have helped clear up the dog shipping issue for anyone that was confused.  This is by no means as simple as it sounds, and trust me when I say that many others factors can come into play.  Selectbullies would be honored to sell you your first or next blue pitbull puppy.  So when you come to our site looking for blue nose pitbulls, please do not worry if you are not local.  We are professional breeders that are experienced in the shipment of canines.  We have been doing it for years.  Please call or email us if you have any questions.

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Ok, so you and your family decided to get a blue pitbull puppy.  You probably have been searching for blue pitbull puppies for sale  on the internet, magazines, newspapers, or through some other source.  Regardless of where you end up purchasing your bully puppy, you need to make sure it gets the proper nutrition.  In this article we are going to discuss the very basics of puppy nutrition.

Here at www.selectbullies.com we get numerous emails and phone calls on what to feed a pitbull puppy.  People always say that they want there puppy to look real bully, like ours.  The first thing that we tell people is that it is much more about genetics than it is nutrition.  We are not saying neglect the nutrition aspect of it at all, but you need to make sure that you purchase your puppy from a professional breeder.  A professional breeder breeds for certain traits and will be able to guide you to the right puppy.  Our blue pitbulls are built like bodybuilders.  The reason all of our dogs are so massive and consistent is due to our breeding program.  Selectbullies dogs do not look the way they do by accident, it is from years and years of selective breeding.  Not just by putting two dogs together and praying for the best.  The breedings are very well thought out by our entire team.  We only do planned breedings that will produce better dogs.  Breedings that will compliment each other.   Many people contact us and they have already bought dogs from other breeders, but the puppy does not end up looking as they  hoped it would.   They end up coming to www.selectbullies.com for some of the best bully puppies in the world.  Clients of ours are turning heads worldwide with there dogs that they purchased from selectbullies.  

With that being said, nutrition is still very important if you want your puppy to be the best he or she can be.  The topic of nutrition is a very controversial topic among breeders and veterinarians.    Some think a completely raw diet is best and others swear by kibble.  High protein food versus a lower protein food is also a big debate.  There is not a single correct answer for every situation.  Your veterinarian should be able to inform you on what they think is the best food for your situation. 

This by no means is supposed to take the place of a veterinarian or nutritionist, it is just what has been working well for us.  We believe that once a healthy puppy reaches 8 weeks old it can be totally weaned from the mother and put with its siblings.  Once a puppy is completed weaned they get a premium kibble at our kennel.  When you are buying dog food just look for the guaranteed analysis on the side or back of the bag.  It will list the protein, fat, fiber, moisture, omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids.   

We feed an adult food that is 26% protein and 16% fat and not more than 10% moisture.  We feed both our puppies and adults the same food.  The first ingredient should be some form of protein, protein meal,  protein by product, or protein by product meal.  We do not feed anything that does not have some sort of protein as the first ingredient listed.  If the first and second ingredient listed on the bag is a protein source, well then that is even better in our opinion.  The protein/fat ratios allow our adult pitbulls to maintain all that muscle mass and substance, but on the other end it is not too high of a ratio that our puppies will develop growing issues.  This is very important when raising your new blue bully.  The idea that more is better is not always the case when talking about protein and calcium with growing puppies.  Our dogs have very big bones and you do not want them to grow to fast or you can have issues with them.  We never feed a puppy over 16 weeks a food more than 26% protein unless it is recommended by our veterinarian for a certain reason.  We also do not supplement our puppies unless there is an issue.  A premium dog kibble is all that our healthy weaned puppies receive.  Just remember if they do not receive the proper nutrition or they get too much supplementation it can lead to numerous growth and developmental issues.

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A question that we receive often here at www.selectbullies.com is what actually is a bully dog.  Many people here the word “bully” and are not sure what to think.  Many think that the word “bully”  has something to do with the dog being aggressive, mean, and unpredictable.  The reality of the bully dog could not be further from the truth.  The media has done an excellent job at misleading the unknowing public about these dogs.  A  bully style dog is a dog that has lineage that goes back to the English Bulldog.  The bulldog was created and made a specific breed in England.  This breed was created to fight bulls.  The sport was called bull baiting.  The old school bulldog from England was much taller and more agile than the English bulldog of today.  Bully breeds of today are very popular and make excellent, loyal, and loving pets.  Many of these breeds also excel as working and therapy dogs.  Petey from the show Little Rascals was a bully dog.  Helen Keller was also the proud owner of a pitbull by the name of Sir Thomas. 

Some of the most popular and loved breeds in the world are considered bully breeds.  The size of the dog is not what makes it a bully breed.  These dogs can range in stature from a Bull Mastiff to a Bull Terrier.  Here is a partial list of breeds that are classified as bully breeds: American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrior, Staffordshire Bull Terrior, American Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Boston Terrier and many others. 

The American Pitbull Terrier is the product of years and years of linebreeding, outcrossing, and inbreeding between  the bulldog and terrier.  The goal was to combine the drive of the terrier and the size and power of the bulldog.  The breeding began in England and was brought to the United States by people that were arriving from the United Kingdom in the early 1800′s.  The United Kennel Club (UKC) was the first one to register these dogs. 

At www.selectbullies.com  we  focus on breeding the American pitbull terrier.  We have blue pitbull puppies for sale on a regular basis.  The American pitbull terrier is classified as a bully breed, but there are still many different styles.  We focus on the bullier side of the breed.  This means that when you get your blue pitbull puppy from us it will have huge bone, body, head, and overall substance.  Our foundation stock comes from some of the top bloodlines in the world.  Selectbullies has built our kennel on a mix of the Razors Edge, Gottiline, and Mikeland  bloodlines.  Years and years of selective breeding has allowed us to produce some of the best blue pitbull puppies for sale in the world.  If you have any questions on our blue pitbull puppies or dogs in general please just visit our website at www.selectbullies.com and send us an email.

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Puppy/Dog Worming Information

blue pitbull puppies for sale at Select Bullies are wormed every two weeks up until they reach 8 weeks old and are placed into their new homes. Once the puppy is under you care, it is recommended that you worm your blue nose pitbull puppies every 2 weeks until 4 months of age, then once a month from there on out.  Blue pitbull puppies for sale can be happy as can be and seem healthy, but still have worms.  All puppies when born get worms from their mothers milk, these worms which include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whip worms, can cause intestinal problems, anemia, and a list of other problems for your blue pitbull puppy. Here is a list of the worms and some info on each one.


  • Roundworms are long and white you will find them in your puppy’s feces. Roundworms can cause your puppy to have intestinal issues, loss of weight, and a dull coat. It is also possible for people to get roundworms in their intestines from handling a puppy with roundworms. The best solution so you dont get roundworms yourself is to clean up after your puppy and wash your hands as soon as your done.


Hookworms attach themselves to the intestinal lining and ingest blood, which can cause diarrhea and anemia. Hookworms can also infest humans, once infested the person infected could develop skin and intestinal diseases. Once again, clean up after your blue pitbull puppies and then wash your hands.


  • Tapeworms are segmented worms with heads that also attach themselves to the intestines and feed on the infected animal’s blood. Tapeworms have been known to grow all the way up to 20 inches in length. Fleas and lice carry tapeworms. Once your dog gets infested with fleas or lice, they can pass the tapeworms on to your dog or puppy. Tapeworm infestations can cause abdominal discomfort and vomiting. People can also pick up tapeworms from fleas and lice.

Whip Worms

  • Whip worms have a thin head and much thicker tail section. Dogs get whip worms by drinking water that is contaminated with whip worms eggs. The water gets contaminated by another dogs feces that contains the eggs. Once ingested the eggs hatch inside your puppy or dog and the worms live in the intestines of your dog. Whip worms dig into the lining inside the intestines and live off the dogs blood. Severe whip worm infestations cause intestinal inflammation, anemia and sometimes hemorrhaging. Whip worms that dogs get, normally do not ever try to attack humans, but still, wash your hands once you clean up after your puppy or dog.

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Determining the type of worm your dog has normally will require a trip to the vet where the doctor will have to examine a fecal sample under a microscope. The type of worm the doctor finds will determine what treatment the vet prescribes for the dog.

  • Prevention

Once you check out our blue pitbull puppies for sale and find the blue pitbull puppy for you, we send you records of the puppies worming and also shots.  But once you have the puppy in your care it is up to you to get the puppy wormed and most importantly clean up after and take care of the puppy. Cleaning food and water bowls everyday and also cleaning up after the puppy/dog everyday is the best way to prevent your dog from getting worms. Proper flea preventative and bathing is also necessary to have a not only a happy and clean bully blue pitbull puppy, but a WORM FREE blue pitbull puppy.

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There are many ways to housebreak your pitbull puppy.  Pet supply stores sell special papers and pads for housebreaking your puppy.  These are training aids that are designed to give a smell that encourages them to use the bathroom on the pad or paper.  They are scented with a chemical and are completely safe even for very young dogs.   Once the dog starts to go to the bathroom on the pad inside the house on a consistent basis, then you slowly place it closer and closer to the door.  The next step would be to place one by the door and one outside.  The idea is to allow the pitbull to transition from going to the bathroom inside on the pad to outside on it, and finally just outside without the training aid.  There are many more in depth articles on the web about this training technique.

The housebreaking method preferred and used by www.selectbullies.com is with a crate.  These crates can be purchased at most pet supply stores.  They are called crates, kennels, and carriers.  They can be metal or plastic both will do the trick.  The key is getting the right size to start with.  The blue pitbull puppy should have enough room to stand and turn around, but not much more than that in the beginning.  Animals do not like to lay in areas where they go to the bathroom.  If the crate is too big they will just go to the bathroom at one end and sleep at the other.  It is very important to get the right size crate to have success.  Some of the metal crates come with dividers so you can start them in a very small area and as they grow move the divider accordingly. 

The bully pitbull should be placed in the crate whenever you are unable to watch them.  Even if you just want to leave them unattended for a few seconds put them in the crate.  They should also be placed in there at night.  Many puppies will cry when they are placed in the crate, but as time goes on they will stop.  The crate will become the dogs home and they will love having there own space once they get used to it.  They should never be put in there as a punishment. 

Follow these helpful hints and your blue pitbull puppy will be housebroken in no time flat. 

1.  Never  discipline your pitbull for going to the bathroom inside if you do not see them doing it.  Dogs will not realize why they are being disciplined if it is done even minutes later.  The disclipline must be done as you witness it.  On the flip side when they go to the bathroom outside you must let them know that they were good and you should give  praise, affection, and treats.

2.  Never leave a puppy in the crate for more than 6 hours in the beginning.  Do not feed or water your puppy two hours prior to putting them in the crate for the night.  First thing in the morning carry the puppy out into the yard and let them use the bathroom.  Do no let them walk out of the crate into the house or  they are going to relieve themselves immediately since they have been holding it for hours. 

3.  When they do go to the bathroom inside gently push there nose in it and tell them no, and immediately pick them up and put them outside.  This will let them know that it is not acceptable to go to the bathroom inside and to go outside.

4.  Blue pitbull puppies want to please their owners and will respond very well to crate training.  As their owner and master you just need to show them what you want them to do.  Animals will respond much better if they sense that you as their master are relaxed and confident.  If you are always angry and tense, then the animal will also be tense and much harder to train.

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