The American Pitbull Terrier has been around since the 1800′s and has become one of the most loyal breeds ever created.  Breeders were never concerned back in the day about the look of the dog.  Breedings were put together strictly based on past performances of the dogs.  The bone, head, rear, and substance were the last thing that they would take into account when doing a breeding.  They wanted to create a machine and that is exactly what they did.  An animal that would never  give up and complete any task that it was trained to do.  This created a dog that is willing to die for its master.  The honor, courage, and loyalty of this breed has been both a blessing and a curse. 

Many breeders are breeding the same way today and producing great game dogs.  A game dog is a dog that is breed for gameness.  Gameness is the willingness to please and continue a task regardless of how much pain or tired they are.  Most breeders of game dogs today do not put much emphasis on the actual look that they are putting out.  We at respect all dogs especially bully breeds, but we do not breed for gameness.  The unique look that selectbullies produces is what makes us different from other kennels.

Breeding dogs is more than just putting two dogs together and hoping for the best.  Someone who does this is called a backyard breeder and is the main reason that the American Pitbull Terrier is so overpopulated.  Selectbullies only has a few breedings every year and never does a breeding just to have puppies.  Every breeding is planned and well thought out.  We only do a breeding when we think that the dogs will compliment each from every aspect.  The temperament, structure, size, balance, and movement is looked at in both animals.  Our blue nose pitbull puppies do not look the way they do by accident.  In our opinion no dog is 100 percent perfect so there is always room for improvement.  What one dog lacks we bring up with the other dog.  This is basis of any good animal breeding program.  

Our foundation was laid years ago and we continue to strive for improvement.  In our opinion no dog is perfect and can be better.  With every breeding we are creating what we see in our eyes as the perfect dog.  Our perfect dog is short, thick, big boned, compact, healthy with a stable temperament.  We want you to get a bully that looks phenomenal and also gets along with other dogs.  Selectbullies are producing dogs that stand out in a crowd.  We guarantee that your new blue pitbull puppy will not look like your neighbors pup, that he  just got for 200 dollars in the local paper.    We will deliver you an amazing looking dog that can hang out at the park, beach, dog show, on a boat, or just chill out it in the house. 

We receive alot of emails and calls for blue nose pitbull puppies for sale.  One of the first questions we get is what bloodline is the puppy.  Selectbullies does not just focus on one bloodline.  The main lines that we use in our program are Razors Edge, Gotti, and Mikeland.  These are the foundation lines that have created our dogs.  We believe that these lines are the best bully blue pitbull bloodlines in the world.  We are always  looking for different lines that carry the traits that separate selectbullies from other kennels.  If you have any questions about our breeding program, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are very proud and passionate about this breed and would love to talk to you.

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  1. Paul Rally says:

    I was looking for this kind of review for about 1 hour.. i’m glad i found it. Great piece of work, continue it. Best Regards.

  2. Jefferson says:

    Came to your website through Stumbleupon. You know I am subscribing to your rss feed.

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