At www.selectbullies.com we receive many questions with regard to exercise.  Many people are very confused with all the conflicting information floating around on this topic.  Numerous canine exercise theories and programs do exist.  We do believe that exercise is very important for your blue pitbull terrier, however it must be done right.  We apply the same concepts with our dogs as people do with their kids.  Most people would not recommend that a 10 year old child run marathons and lift heavy weights.  They are just kids and still growing is what most people would say, so why would you do that with your puppy.  In our opinion a dog should never be put on any type of workout routine until they are done growing.  Over exercising can have very harmful consequences for your canine, including death.  This article will try to explain the proper way to exercise your dog.  

We do not put our dogs on any sort of exercise regiman until they reach 3 years old and recommend that you do the same.  A blue pitbull puppy  purchased at select bullies is considered a large breed dog and will continue to grow until they reach 3 years old.  These dogs grow very rapid and have ever changing joints, bones, and cartilage.  They are very prone to injury during this stage.  Any damage that occurs during this stage can stay with the dog forever.  It is very important to not put any extra strain on the dogs skeletal system by exercising them at a young age.  Your puppy should be walked in a controlled maner for exercise.  A puppy must be monitored while it is playing and should not be allowed to do anything that would cause excess strain.

Bully breeds are more prone to heat stroke and heat exhaustion than a standard dog.  Humans stay cool by sweating, but it is much harder for dogs to sweat.  Dogs breath in their nose and out their mouth in order to stay cool.  They must rely on panting to cool their bodies down.  Breeds that have short muzzles and large blocky heads must work even harder in order to take in oxygen.  The additional work produces more heat in the dogs body.  This extra heat makes it harder for a bully dog to stay cool and more prevalent for a heat stroke.  Especially in the summer months or in climates that tend to stay warm year round, blue pitbulls should only be exercised in the early morning and late evening.  As a responsible owner you should always bring an extra gallon of cold water with you.  This can be the difference between life and death for your bully in the event of a heat stroke. 

This article is by no means intended to take the place of advice that is given by a licensed veterinarian.

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