Select Bullies is a professional kennel that specializing in breeding blue pitbull terriers.  We do have breedings that produce other colors, but we mainly breed and produce blue pitbulls.  We have clients from around the world.  Grooming is a topic that keeps getting mentioned to us from our clients.  Most people are unaware of the grooming procedure for this breed.  In this blog we will try to explain some of the basic grooming techniques that have worked for us over the years.

A pitbull in general has a short coat that does not require much care, but it still needs attention.  At we take great pride in how our dogs look and start grooming them at 10weeks of age.  In our experience this seems to be a good age to start them on the process.  In the beginning we just touch their feet with our hands a couple of times per week.  We also touch them on the back with the brush, that we intend to groom them with.  This process will continue for 3 to 4 weeks depending on how well the puppy is adjusting.  During this time we are not grooming, just getting the puppy used to the process.

Once the puppy is ok with having its feet and backed touched we begin the grooming process.  At our kennel we found this age to be between 17-21 weeks.  In the beginning we only brush them once a week.  In another month we increase the brushing to twice a week and continue that for the rest of the dogs life.  We have found that brushing twice a week is sufficent for a healthy blue pitbull puppy.

The other part of our standard grooming process is trimming the toenails.  Most dogs need there nails trimmed about once every two weeks.  The more time your pitbull spends on cement the less often its nails will need to be trimmed.  Hard and rough surfaces have a tendency to keep a dogs nails filed down.  In general if you can hear your dogs nails hitting the floor while walking, then it is time for them to get trimmed.  Trimming a dogs toenails can be more difficult than it sounds.  Nails that are cut too short can lead to more serious problems if left unattended.  Nails cut too short will bleed and could become infected.  An infected nail can lead to lameness and great pain for your blue bully.  When it comes to trimming the dogs nails, we advise getting them trimmed by a licensed groomer or veterinarian. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Select Bullies at and we will be glad to help you.

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