The first thing that must be discussed is that Select Bullies is a professional kennel and never does a breeding just to get pitbull puppies.  We only do a breeding when we honestly think that they will improve the breed.  Every dog can use improvement in some way and if you do not believe that then you should not be breeding.  Breeding dogs is not easy, cheap, glamorous, or profitable.  It is filled with many emotional let downs and requires a lot of work, money, patience, persistent, and knowledge.  So please do not go out after reading this and get 2 dogs and start breeding.  There are already too many people that think breeding dogs is just putting 2 dogs together and hoping for the best.  These people are called back yard breeders or puppy mills.  Select Bullies does not and will not support back yard breeders or puppy mills.  In our opinion they are one of the main reasons for the destruction of this wonderful breed.

Select Bullies has been approached with this exact stud question many times, so we decided to write a blog about it.  Through out the years of breeding blue pitbull terriers  we have used many different pitbull studs.  In the beginning we bred to our stock and only used dogs in our program.  We never bred outside of our kennel for around 4 years.  As we progressed as a pitbull kennel and became more knowledgeable on breeding, we realized sometimes it is necessary to stud to other kennels males. 

These are some things that we look for in a stud.  The stud most have a very strong and distinct look that sets him apart from other dogs.  The stud must be mentally and physically sound.  The look is important, but the producing ability is even more important.  Select Bullies is constantly evolving and not trying to produce your average blue pitbull terrier.  He must also be bred to produce and throw a consistent look.  His offspring should all look related.  The whole reason to use that stud is to get a certain trait that your female is lacking, so he better be passing that trait on to his offspring consistently.  If you breed to a certain stud known for producing big square heads and 2 finger muzzles, then his offspring better have that look.  The stud owner should be able to show you evidence of what the stud is doing.  If you are breeding to improve the heads and your chosen stud is throwing weak heads, then you better pick a different stud.  Many people claim to have a stud, but to have a consistent producing stud is rare.  The problem is most people have no clue what they are doing and do not know either way.

The best way we can explain this is go to www.selectbullies.com and go to the produced page.  Every stud that we advertise has its own section on that page.  The page shows the customer the look that our studs are producing.  It also shows that they are producing a consistent look.  The studs on this page have been confirmed to be mentally and physically sound.   After we look over your female, we will advise you of what stud to use.  Select Bullies will also explain why we feel that way.  If you as the owner wants to use a different stud, then we would ask that you explain why.  We want to see what you are thinking as a breeder and maybe we overlooked something.  We might have a different style or vision than you, which is fine.  Select Bullies will never stud a male just to make money.

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